Rejected as always !

Hi everyone,

Can you help me to understand why this track was rejected ?

I think about the ending maybe which is maybe not really great, but in this case they soft rejected to le me make a better ending,
Maybe it’s because there is no break or transition ?
Maybe too short ?
Maybe it’s the mix ?
Maybe my open hat which is little bit dirty ? (Hard rejection for that ?)
My sound design which is not great ?

I’m really done to face rejections constantly, so any help would be great !

Thanks a lot :slight_smile:

Someone please ? :slight_smile:

The track is not bad and has some potential, but:

  • ending needs to change for sure.
  • maybe give a bit more energy and speed to the track (a bit slow)

You always need to consider “how can a user use my track?”

hope this helps

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Ok thanks !

The ending is the main guilty, I think it’s not so bad as it is, or it should have a soft rejection , but yes I really need to improve my ending !

Is it about the fading ? Or just the part before the ending ? That’s is too abrupt or whatever ? Maybe it’s too simple as it is ?

Yes why not ! I saw the track as some tropical house vibes, so usually is a little bit more bouncy than speed and full of energy !

Thanks for your comment, I appreciate it !

this :slight_smile:
hm… and you know it, eh eh :slight_smile:

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:joy: enfin là quand même quoi aha

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To me it sounds dated.

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Interesting thought !

You mean the sound design or some elements like drums or whatever are not enough modern ?

Oui exactement.

Que faudrait-il faire selon toi dans ce cas, tout est fait avec Serum etc, est-ce que c’est pas un problème de mixage du coup ?

Le mixage n’est pas mauvais. Je crois que la raison du rejet sont les sons synthés.

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ça me paraîtrais assez étrange, parce que justement tout est fait, sound designé avec serum, etc, j’ai globalement des outils assez modernes, et serum est toujours très utilisé, il y a peut-être des VST plus modernes pour ce genre de style de musique, ou alors c’est mon choix de wavetable qui n’as pas été judicieux, peut-être trop 80s, mais je reste septique ! Merci en tout cas, je vais voir ce que je peux faire :slight_smile:

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I was very surprised this track was rejected. Great composition, good mix and very licensable to my ears.

The ending could be tweaked, but I don’t think thats the reason for rejection at all. Maybe the synth bass with the 80s touch could be considered “dated” but then again 80s touch is very trendy nowadays. If anything sounds “dated” its the enormous mountain of approved fake guitar corporate tracks on this site :neutral_face:

Maybe it could be simple things as the title and description is not matching the track totally. Who knows… There seem to be very little tolerance for stepping outside the narrow “AJ dress code sound” here on AJ, especially if you are an author with high rejection rate I would assume.

I think someone specialised in this genre could probably provide you more useful feedback if you reach out to them. My professional guess is that the reviewer had a bad hair day and took it out on you :slight_smile:

Either way, don’t loose faith and keep on working in the genres you like the most. Despite the pains of many rejections you are always improving and learning something!


Thanks a lot for your feedback ! I will keep to work and improve my music even if I think that this one didn’t deserve a Hard rejection. I’m not able to say if it’s true, but I’m really surprised and disappointed :slight_smile:

I decided to stop to upload on this market because I think my music didn’t fit at all with their vision, and I don’t want to make a Huge compromise and loose the musical identity that I tried to develop on the long run.

I tried during 1 year and half, despite rejection I keep to upload, and have worked to be more and more accepted, well It didn’t work, so it’s time to move on and stay focus on the place where my music is 100 % accepted !

AJ 1 - 0 Osynthw,

That’s life, we can’t be successful everywhere, and obviously , musical production and composition is a long road, I’m just at the beginning!

Thanks again :slight_smile:


I support you staying true to your own vision first and foremost. Trying to hard to please the reviewers can be a dangerous path I think. You can always upload here at a later point if you feel the energy and motivation for it or have tracks that are more generic and “scream” AJ.

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Well it’s not a bad idea, and maybe the most reasonable choice , but I need time to forget this place :slight_smile:

I will see !

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