reject: Help me!

Please, help me to understand!
Why my items rejected?

Well, that’s a lot can be done to improve, imo. First thing comes is that synths sounds, they are just too low quality/fake, real sound of 70s which is not right for 2k17. Rhythm guitar on right is a bit annoying cause nothing compensate it on left side. Arrangement is a bit abrupt on 0:46, not pleasing and non expect change in song. Glockenspiel or whatever it is sound too loud on high freqs. 1:30 like that Daft Punk idea part btw, but it’s not produced enough and a bit off the song (imo) :smiley:
Anyway mate good luck, may be someone could say more.

SpitfireProduction, thank you for your comments! I will work on sound quality! If you can question? How to achieve the sound of 2k.?

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You are welcome. Heh to achieve modern sound of 2010+ years is basically the same as revising sound libraries. The easiest way is to check for some cool/new/non-build-in-your-DAW VSTs that could do the job. I dunno serum, zebra, hive, spire, massive. you name it, there is a lot (really a lot) just go and research, find what you like.

thanks for the info! will explore)))

To much melodies.

thank you for your opinion