Reject: Future Bass

Hey there,

I got a rejecet on a Future Bass track today. Maybe some of you have some feedback for me so that I can get a direction on what I might have done wrong here?

Thanks for any kind of feedback you all. And stay save, people! <3

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The track is cool and the sound design samples aswell!! but too much of a “silence stop” (0:41-1:09) which would limits usability in reviewers opinion to reject your track

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hey! I enjoyed a lot your track! I love your exotic feeling… don’t know if curators do… but I really like this point!
I agree with @Octopusic … lots of silences, and changes.
Congratulations, I really think you did a great job! maybe doing some little formal changes this should be very useful and perfect for producers!
Have a great day and stay safe!

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Hi you two,

thank you so much for your warming feedback and also for the constructive tip. This motivates me to work on it again and try it again with an improved version of the piece. Thank you!

Stay safe as well! <3