Reject Email

Two days ago i uploaded a file on Codecanyon and waited for the Review the thing is that today i had issue with Gsuite where my email is.
Same time I saw on my profile in Codecanyon that my Upload is not anymore under review, since i can not see it, it means its rejected but since my email was down i have no idea if it was a Hard or Soft reject.
Is there a way to find it out since i have fixed my problem with Gsuite and my email is working.
Thank you

If you can’t see your Item in your envato dashboard right sidebar then your Item has reviewed and you must should receive email of the review result (if you didn’t changed the email notification settings). If hard rejected then you will get only email to let you know hard rejected. If soft rejected you will get email with the issues list exist in your item and tips to fix those and you will see your item in Hidden Items Tab. sometimes email can go in spam, so need to check inbox, spam, junk as well.