I uploaded my app but after 2 days not showing?


I installed my app from the Codecanyon panel, but after 2 days nothing appears on the panel? I checked my mail but couldn’t find anything. I also checked spam messages. The “Item review notifications” option was unchecked in the mail settings but now I have it ticked.

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The “Item review notifications” option was unchecked that’s why you didn’t received email.
If you can’t see your Item in your envato dashboard right sidebar then your Item has reviewed. If you don’t find the item in Hidden Items page then your item got hard rejected.


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Will I not know why it was rejected? How do I get the rejected mail again? We’ve been working on the app for months and we want it to be available for sale on Codecanyon. If there is a missing, error etc. If there are problems, you can be sure that we can fix them.

For hard rejected you will not get more details except in email will let you know rejected because of quality standard. You can check this:

Hey. Ive’been facing the same issue. Please notify me if you find the solution. please