Refund the money when I have returned project code.

I have returned a item in July 2020 which cost me 61$, but I have not received my money, and when contact to author they suggest me to contact envato.

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If you are eligible to get a refund then you can request a refund here
Here is all the information about refunds:
Envato Market Refund Rules.

You can open Help ticket to contact envato.


refunds should not exist for digital items , authors cannot make sure that people did not use and will never use indeed

I think refund should exist but definitely to get refund must have to be eligible according to refund rules. envato has a Refund rules to protect both Authors and Customers and must have to follow. Just customer can’t say they want refund because they don’t want to use it or purchased mistakenly. Already downloaded purchased refund only will be eligible if meet refund rules.

lol protecting authors with refund with digital goods? :joy: i am sorry to tell u something like this buddy but no author has any guaranty that people asking for a refund, especially after such a long while, have not been using the product or that they will never do … once an item is downloaded, this is downloaded and in the person’s computer, not to mention that we all know how this and sale reversal too often end up with … that is to say with items being placed in pirate websites … besides i am sorry to say just this, yes sometimes we do something non purposedly , however they are done … and there is no way back, no second chance or whatever … not to mention that this is hard for me to figure out how could someone buy an item without willing in the first place … this is not as if u have a one click order …

As an author I don’t like to elaborate more details here because all authors know about it. But I would like to mention refund and sale reversal are two different things. Envato have a very clear refund process in place, as outlined here: Can I get a refund?. where sale reversal is a an unauthorized purchase by fraud customers and by doing this those customers get their account locked (no access). No author don’t like to get their earning sale reversal, sale reversal is 100% fraud done by very dishonest customers.

Yes, Enavato have a refund policy so buyers can’t just say… “hey I’ve changed my mind and would like my money back”. You’ve not heard of that?

You cannot return a digital item - it’s not a physical bit of hardware! The moderators have explained how to go about getting a possible refund, and no one likes the thought of paying for something that either doesn’t work, or does not work as they expected it to. Having said that, you did not explain why you wanted a refund, or even show why you might have been entitled to a refund.

lol product not working? with a reviewing system, how is it possible? indeed, the only acceptable reason for a refund is that a person has ordered the same item two times without expecting to do it … (and even this can be discussed - depending on long afterwards the person is asking for the refund and details like this … ), as for the rest refund for digital goods, should not exist

Even if you are eligible it’s totally dependent on author to either refund or not. But it’s always recommend to get in touch with your author before filling any complaint or any rating at authors product page

Thank you

lol if so no one would agree … giving the money back when u have no guaranty that people are not going to use the item all the same is just foolish