Redux framework wordpress tips?


Hi all,
I’m working on my framework theme and i have some questions, if someone knows what’s happening
i use underscore and redux as plugin tgma included in theme.

  • i made all files, theme’s options with hide top bar, all ok
    When i install fresh wordpress, install theme i go to front site and is blank, no design
    if i go to theme’s options and click on save btn, all design is on front view.

Is like all theme’s options are not activated without hit btn save.

Some one can give me some tips why is like this?

In theme’s options in php i add true not false

‘id’ => ‘hide_top_header’,
‘type’ => ‘switch’,
‘title’ => esc_html__(‘Show Top Header Area’, ‘tr-wordpress’),
‘subtitle’ => esc_html__(‘Check if you want to remove top bar.’, ‘tr-wordpress’),
‘default’ => true,

All options from theme are not visible in front , i need to hit btn save first and all are ok in front… I know this will be an issue from tf reviewer …


No hint?