Little info - help Redux

I need some little help because i dont understand something.
I made my WP theme with underscore and Redux. All ok, done

Problem is when i install my theme , activate it and i go to my page i can’t see some features.
if i go to theme options, and just hit SAVE, and go to home all are ok.

Problem is because i have in theme options some features like change color, choose top bar to be hidden or not. so all this are in first hidden and visible on hit save.

Can someone offer some ideeas to fix this?

in sections for theme option i have
link with code as example

So all my options that i have in theme options, i need first to save settinhs the will be shown in page.

How can i make that they to vosoble as default like: header to be shown, top bar, footer, colors ?

No one?