Redux framework and rejection reasons

It is the first time that we are up on WordPress. I got rejected several times but now I am stuck on the issue of Redux VS Themecheck. I referred several forums including this one but found in the situation that is never mentioned (that’s what I think).

Redux Framework produces error in themecheck plugin. I tried several times giving the reviewer the message about it with the official documentation link:

But then I decided to include it as plugin, I know how to use tgm but there is a problem with that: my whole theme is based on the option saved in redux panel. From header to footer and even styles are generated on the bases of the options saved in admin panel.

On theme activation, there are no option saved which makes the theme look completely broken. They gave a soft rejection on that too. Is there any way to convince the reviewer on that?

Any reply would be highly appreciated. Thanks.

Have you tried force_activation from TGMPA? That may help you in this case.

'force_activation'   => true