Record some minor stuff on Ukulele for me? :D


Hi there guys,

I have made this pop-rock-acoustic tune with ukulele and acoustic guitars.
And I would really love to have the ukulele played nicely and live. Instead of virtual instrument library.

Here is what I want. And I can pay you for this.
The rhythm is swingy!!!
The chord are F , G# , C
Tempo is 130

Need no fx on it, perhaps I can cut and move notes around if aren’t perfect.
So no need for 100% quantize.

I know most of the composers here have a ukulele. So if anyone that can do this, I would be grateful, and perhaps a payment if you like.

Please let me know if you think this sample is good enough!

Thanks in advance.
Looking forward!


I might record it for you later, if I find the time and if no one else does :slight_smile:


Thanks my friend! Hope you can do it :slight_smile: