Recommended AE visuals for a 1hr 45min mix

I’m looking for some visuals to accompany a tech house mix lasting 1hr 45min. Futuristic, neon, patterns, that sort of thing, but it looks like rendering could take about a week! This is assuming the visuals correspond to the music, like a visualiser, so perhaps there is a simpler alternative where the music is not synced with the video.

Any recommendations on After Effects templates that can handle such a long mix?

You could always pad it out with some seamlessly looped wormhole clips. Every tech house fan loves a good wormhole!

Yep, reckon every tech house fan has been through a few worm holes in their time too! Great visuals but sadly that’s a lot of looping for one and three quarter hours.

Ah right, sorry… thought you were after lots of different elements that you could cobble together, rather than one thing over and over. Keep in mind that even most AE projects are only going to be 1 to 3 minutes at best, so unless you do quite a bit of editing, then you’re going to have the same thing 35 to 105 times.

Surely most, if not all, tracks have the same tempo right? I would pick one really good responsive AE project and render it out for just a few of the tracks, and then loop those renders. Rendering out the whole mix would, as you say, probably take a week or so…

It is definitely more mesmerizing when you actually see the graphics responding to the music.

Hey guys, thanks for your replies. I think I’ve hit upon a solution. It involves straight mp4 videos which I’ve stretched and chopped on a timeline in time to the music. I’ve completed it already (it’s being processed by youtube right now), so it was quicker than rending graphics many times over in the end. I’ll stick a link to it here when it’s done.

Thanks once again for your replies.