Recommendations Thread by New Authors: Sharing Experiences and Feedbacks!

Hi Everyone,
Hope you all are doing well!

Recently, I was able to publish my first item successfully!
My journey so far has been amazing and love the authors’ community! :blush:

Well, I have some recommendations for the team Envato:

  1. There should be a Help link under Google Analytics field (setting) like that:
    Facing issues or invalid tracking code error? Check out: Google Analytics tracking code not valid by envato

I think many have had faced this issue as it is a new instruction by Envato.

  1. Profile guide for author, what can we include and what can’t? (still not cleared, can I add my website, business email etc? Any guide on it please?)

  2. Profile header (homepage) quality is pixelated, even though the image was uploaded in high quality. What should be the recommended quality or file size of the uploaded image? (like under how much KBs).

(Bug to be fixed)
4) Facebook social media handle has old and invalid URL string that needs to be fixed,
Solution: Simply make it like others such as Twitter or other handles that start simply with / (forward slash). Also, add an info icon or example to other social media handles where the input field is smart enough to add social media base URL automatically and you just need to add your unique username rather than copying and pasting the complete URL. There are some such as dribble and Behance that have smart input fields there.

Hope it helps the team Envato and new (future) authors!

Thank you!
Best wishes to all fellow authors!

Fun Fact: It has been 3 days only! :smile:

P.S. My first creation is live now, would love your feedback on it! It is made for Influencers/Celebrities all around the globe! [link removed]

  1. Google Analytics: Reminder for the team Envato:
    Universal Analytics will no longer process new data in standard properties beginning July 1, 2023. Prepare now by setting up and switching over to a Google Analytics 4 property. Better to resolve this
    issue beforehand and start allowing GA4P! Hope it helps!