Hello from the UX team here at Envato


Hello, I wanted to introduce myself and ask for some participation in an activity for authors. My name is Emma and I am the new senior UX Designer in the Content area. This means that I’m all about understanding the author experience. I have only been working for Envato for a few months and I would really like your help to get a great understanding of what its like to be an author. A part of my process is to run research activities and speak to authors. I would love to have people participate in an activity called a ‘Card Sort’. It’s a way to understand how people like to group certain types of information. By exploring this in the activity, we will be able to organize our platforms in a more user friendly way. If you’re interested in getting involved, please click this Card Sort link.


You guys need to improve comments moderation and commenting.
I suggest:

  1. If author has more than 1000 sales, is more than 1 year with Envato, and his average rating is more than 4, is to allow him to delete the comments. As mostly I do that, because someone posts his purchase code there, or duplicate post, sometimes rude talk. But I reached the limit of maximum reports bunch of times, and nobody want to clear that.

  2. As well as I report my own three years old comments, because the links had changed, and I want to fix broken links there, not by removing the answers by me, just changing the links there.

  3. Also, it should show the customer his purchase date and purchase code above his comments for him, with a note to keep his purchase code secret. This will avoid him posting his comment. As well as supporters can see that.

  4. I want to give access to “refferals to your Envato item” / “page/unique view stats” / “sales stats (Earnings page, NOT the statements page)” page to my team members. I know that analytics allowed only from Level 7, BUT, I want to be able to select Envato users, who are in my support team (NOT EVERY support team member, just picked one) to be able to view these stats, that I see that myself. Sharing the login information is NOT secure by OWASP.

  5. In overall, we do our FULL support via Envato comments. The main reason is to be 100% open (because everybody not just able to use search then, but see the quality of our support and great domain knowledge), and to have everything in one place - Envato item and the support. For that reason we have phenomenal amount of comments in our product - it is twice than sales, while those who do support via external link usually has 1/5th - 1/10 th ratio. So Envato has to be improved for those authors who do support there.

  6. As well as SPEED-REVIEW. Author that has rating of 4 or more, should be able to get a priority for review. What I do expect is, that updates should be approved within 48 hours always.

That’s my feedback, as an Envato author.


Hi KestutisIT
Thanks so much for your comments.
I have passed on you item comments feedback to the community team (they look after this sort of thing).
Would love you to be involved in my card sort, it would be great to get your opinion link


is it too complicated for a poll? I’ve tried but it’s way too much to complete :smiley:


I’ve filled it out. It was very exciting. While we’re on the subject of requests… might not be your area of focus, and I know you can add people to your account for replying to comments, but it would be nice to be able to add people to your account for uploading content.

I enjoy making stuff, but get a bit put off by the upload process, so I have a bunch of items on other sites but not here, as it’s so much easier to upload elsewhere. If I could hire somebody to sort my upload here, then that would mean I’d be able to upload more stuff to my account, and spend more time working on better stuff… but that would require them to be able to access just the uploads section of my account, not my financials and the like.