Recommend MP3 encoder for Windows



I was a Mac user for 10+ years using Logic Pro X, i’ve decided to stay away from Apple ecosystem from now on. I’ve switched to Bitwig Studio but it doesn’t render MP3 straight from the host and since im not so familiar with Windows software could someone recommend me a nice MP3 encoder please? Something with nice, clean GUI, simple and not bloated with useless features.



I use Switch Audio File Converter; licensed software from NCH Software. Costs a few bucks but has been very dependable and has the right functions for the job. I also use it to edit the Audio Tag Data for the MP3. Link below.


Audacity is free and capable of saving in mp3. The looks of the GUI is a subjective matter, but it does the job for sure.


I use Audacity to tag and export my tracks / previews. It’s free, works great and is useful for adding tag info, but you need the Lame mp3 encoder to export MP3 files.


Oldie but Goldie: winLAME!


How about online converter? For example, like this.