Do you include mp3?

Hi AudioJungle Authors,

I am haunted by one essential question. Do you include in ZIP with final WAV files MP3? Why?
How it affects on your sales?


Don’t know how it affects sales, since I always include MP3. Converting to MP3 does not take much time, and more options for the buyer is always better, I think.


I always include all verions of the track in WAV and mp3 formats

Cheers :call_me_hand:t3:


Makes sense to stick both in. Not sure how much it affects sales, but it’s hardly much more work, so why take the risk?


I thought it is a mandatory for authors to add mp3 along with wav inside a zip anyways

Another nice thing is that you can add ID3 tags to your mp3, like author name, website, e-mail, in case buyer wants to find you again someday)

Just the wav version is compulsory.

And everybody has to render mp3 of preview. And I make also mp3 of versions.

As an Ableton-can’t-render-mp3-user I’m using Format Factory for converting to mp3 outside DAW. That’s why in my case it’s so simple to convert preview and versions simultaneously, especially that I’m rendering them to same folder.

I include both wav and mp3 of all versions, except loops of which I only include a wav version.

I always add mp3. The buyer does not need to think about converting.