Advice some software

Hey everyone!

I make tracks using Fl studio, and due to configuration of my audio interface, output track has 48kHz/24bit audio. So can you advice some fast ways to convert this to AJ standart(to get both WAV and mp3’s)?

Now I’m using Goldwave but it has “uncomfortable” view of format

Hi Elias, so you cant change it from the Export Project Dialog? image

Of course I can :slight_smile:
But there is no sample rate change option. anyway output files will be in 48kHz.

You are right, it was a long shot, I dont know about FL. :stuck_out_tongue: Sorry. If you are looking for a free software, Format Factory can convert to AJ standards. Sometimes it adds a small silence at the beginning, but only with MP3.

Another thing that can help is, after closing your DAW, go to your sound card preferences and change it to 44 and 16 bit. Then open your DAW again, import your 48/24 wav and export with the new card preferences. This is a raw ide :mask:

Options–>Audio–>Sample Rate(Hz)

Nope) everything is more complicated.
My Roland Tri-capture has a physical switch for sample rate, and it is very difficult to play with it.)

So any software manipulates just crush the drivers. and the only way out (except the hardware upgrade or changing DAW) is to use some freeware programs, Goldwave or Format factory)

Thanks! tried the Format factory.