Received "does not meet the general commercial quality standard" again - help

I had my 2nd piece rejected by Audio Jungle because it “does not meet the general commercial quality standard”.

I worked really hard on this piece - I thought it was almost as good as the Pirates of the Caribbean theme :slight_smile: I did some audio production tutorials and worked had to make sure the audio quality is good and the instruments have presence and balance

I need some honest inputs on this piece suitable for a dramatic video / film. This is my description (I created a long medium and short version):

Description: This epic soundtrack can be used with material that requires a sense of conquering, victory or celebration (for example people running out into the streets when the coronavirus pandemic ends). It mixes emotional brass sounds with driving strings and a full percussion set using timpani, war drums and high percussive sounds such as tambourines and sticks. The upbeat melody is interspersed with some slower emotive reflective sections.

Included Variations:
Epic Victorious Orchestral – long version: 3:02 (Starts at 0:00 in Preview)
Epic Victorious Orchestral – medium version: 2:18 (Starts at 3:03 in Preview)
Epic Victorious Orchestral – short version: 1:22 (Starts at 5:22 in Preview)

Similar music:

Composers: John Williams, James Horner, Thomas Newman
Composition: : Pirates of the Caribbean, Raiders of the lost ark, Star War

Instrument Sample quality not high enough for this style of track, drum sounds again not high enough and the programming is quite lack lustre. Brass articulations have too much of a slow attack to reproduce the melody. The standard of category on AudioJungle has raised the bar and now only exceptional tracks make it.

Thanks for the excellent helpful feedback gballx

These are the instruments I use on Logic Pro X:

  • Strings: Spitfire: Originals Epic Strings
  • Brass: Native Instruments Symphony Series - Brass
  • Orchestra chords: Sonuscore orchestra chords
  • Drums:
    • War drums: Splash Sound, Epic Percussion
    • Sub hit: Splash Sound, Epic Percussion
    • Hi Percussion (tambourines, sticks etc.): Splash Sound, Epic Percussion
    • Ethnic ensemble (Djembe etc. ): Splash Sound, Epic Percussion
    • Taiko drums: Splash Sound, Epic Percussion

I know that Spitfire strings, Native Instruments Symphony Series and Splash sound Epic Percussion are highly rated and well reviewed libraries by people like Guy Michelmore ( - should I write to them and complain that their sample quality is not good enough or is there something in my mixing and EQ that I need to do to improve the quality?

I just noticed that the attack on my horns was set to 10% - moved that back to 0% to remove the slow attack - sounds much better now - thanks for spotting that.

In general do you think I should look for a different hosting site for this length cinematic score that sounds more like a movie theme than a standard 4 bar repeat sequence that you find in most music on Audio Jungle?

All sample libraries have limitations and it is best to write with these limitations. With regards to brass I just bought Audio Bro Modern Scoring Brass and wow nothing can touch them - really, I have Spitfire, Orchestral Tools, Sound Iron, Cinematic Studio, 8DIO etc. but this library is something else.