Help me please! What quality level needs for aproval?


Friends! I need your help to figure it out of what quality track needs to be aproved? I have got few rejects already with mixing/sample/recording reason answer, but it sounds good in studio headphones and multimedia monitors…
I often see new low quality items here, with bad mixing etc. But it is aproving, much tracks with really bad quality.
So I think I need an advice, maybe it is because of my “very loud” mastering? Here is examples:

Because it is very hard when you waiting almost a month and then getting reject without any useful comment, so I can avoid mistakes in future…


Maybe a little bit much high frequencies? I need right reason…


Hi @EmotionalPathway! Some of the AudioJungle crew presented an awesome webinar last week, hopefully this will address everything you’re asking here! :thumbsup:

The top rejection reasons in the Audio Jungle review process and how to avoid them!


Thank you! @scottwills
I watched it particularly, but they talking about tracks ideas and understanding of the stock needs. And I asking about quality aspect, I know that it is impossible to answer to all authors about their mistakes too detailed, but in this case I don’t understand a reason, so I want any objective opinion.


For sure, no worries! :thumbsup:

I took a listen to Epic Sport Trailer and I can see/hear what the main problem is: The standard is not quite there because overall it sounds unpleasing, and not to a high enough, professional standard. The percussion feels basic. The track also lacks cohesion the way it is produced/mastered - the layers/tracks don’t appear to work/sound well together. The main strings/melody are unpleasing to listen to, mostly from a composition perspective but also from an engineering perspective too.

Also, I looked at your account and I see that the reviewer shared the following link with you. It has some valuable info in there I would recommend reading through:


@scottwills Ok, but what mean “overall it sounds unpleasing” in term of quality? Bad frequency balance, volume balance, panning? As for composition it is dramatic, and it was planned as dramatic track. So when you say “unpleasing” do you mean the whole idea or exactly sounding of instruments that I used and the way it mixed?


Hi @EmotionalPathway
This music is well outside my musical comfort zone so you should take my tips with a grain of salt.
To me this sounds more like a orchestration/instrumentation problem than a mixing problem.
In the sports track you have a beat and a synth bass which sounds good to me and then you introduce a woodwind, strings and later brass ostinat that also sounds ok by itself. So all the elements sounds ok by itself but as a whole it doesn’t work that well in my opinion. The drums and bass covers the lower frequency area and the orchestral instruments the higher, but theres something missing in between that potentially could connect these together.
Theres a similar problem in the ambient track where you have different elements that sounds fine by themselves but doesnt glue together as good as they could have. Is this track I miss something in te lower frequencies, like a bass.
Hope this helps and good luck with future submissions!


Mainly your composition and arrangement. Start listening from 0:39 and particularly around 0:46 - it’s not going to be appealing to the buyer/listener. See the dedicated section to this in the aforementioned link on composition and arrangement. :thumbsup:


Thanks for your reply @Hyperprod
In ambient track really no any bass except minimal kick, I thought that it will make a track ligher, airy…
So I need to pay attention to mid frequencies, right? Can you recommend me something about this?


As I mentioned, I don’t know anything about those music genres :slight_smile:
This was just my thoughts when I heard the tracks, that there where something missing that could connect things together. I wanted to hear something, some chordal instrument or something, in the first track. And the same in the ambient track, I missed something in the low end. But maybe this isn’t common in ambient music? Sorry I cant be more specific. Lets hope someone else also chimes in and a +1 to what scottwillis said.