Really confused with licensing

I have been in envato as a buyer for several years and lately with elements too.
I think I understood most of the licensing part with elements. But still there are gaps, I believe.

while still under subscription -

  1. Say, I download a file (infographics) with license for a project. And realize it didn’t work the way I wanted. I set aside and go for the next try. In this case, by chance, I revert to the file and use it for another project (forgetting after, say, several months), then what happens to the license conflict? Should I delete the file in the first place and keep my mental memory safe?

  2. Is it possible to download a product for use in multiple projects with single download? It is quite exasperating to download individually of a one product for different projects.

  3. Sometimes, over a period of time, I decide to remove the product that i downloaded for a project. Or switch its use to another project, since I had the file already downloaded. How can I keep these tallied up? Mind boggling.

Any help is much appreciated.

  1. I believe the license will still be available even years later if you didn’t use it after downloading. You are expected to keep track of things like this. I don’t think you need to delete it, just try to remember that you got the file from Elements, and make a habit of relicensing items for each use.

  2. You don’t have to redownload items every time, there should be an option to just relicense instead, which basically “resets” the item for use again. I’m not 100% sure how it works, but from my understanding you could in theory use an item in 20 different projects, then go back to the item on Elements and click the relicense button 20 times.

  3. You don’t really have to keep that close attention. As long as you simply relicense an item every time you use it, regardless of what your initial intention was with it, you should be fine.

Thanks a million for answering my queries, that too being a fellow Canadian!. :slight_smile:

I shall be careful. Have already downloaded few and lost track of it. Nevertheless, will be careful.

Thought to provide this as feedback for Envato - I understand the concept of Elements. However, some items are outdated such as plugin’s compatibility with WordPress versions etc. It nullifies usefulness of most of the items. It would be a bit erroneous to claim to have 1000’s of items.