My subscription ended, why am I not able to download the products again that I already paid for?

Hi there! I hope you can help me! I had a yearly subscription where I purchased lots of different products and their licences. I downloaded these with my old laptop that has unfortunately broken now. Since I paid for the licences, I assumed that I can download them again. However, I noticed that I would need to subscribe again to download the items I have already purchased? I don’t think that is correct or fair. Is there a way to retrieve my lost downloads?

Thank you for your help!

Might be worth having a read of the licensing terms…

…main point to note is that you need to have an active subscription when you complete an end product for the license to be valid. Also, you’re paying for the subscription, not for specific items, so you can only create content using Envato assets while your subscription is active.

Awesome! Thanks for clarifying that!

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