Re-Download After Subscription End - HDD Fail


I had a yearly subscription which is inactive now. Back then i downloaded about 260 items from Elements. Since then one of my hard drives failed, and i would like to somehow re-download all or at least some of the Elements that i lost. I would really need at least some of them. Could someone please help?

Thank you!

Hello @sz_m

You need to renew your subscription if you want to download files from Envato Elements. Plus, you are not allowed to “bulk download” and then use the items after your subscription expires. You must keep the subscription active until the end product is done. You are also not allowed to use the same item in more than one end product with one license. You need to register a license for each end product.

For more information about Envato Elements license you can check this article → License Terms — Envato Elements

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Hello @MrsEnabled ! Thank you for your reply!

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