I would like to redownload my assets for the same project. Subscription expired.

Hi there.

My subscription has expired and I am unable to renew it for various reasons. I took up the subscription service with the intent on downloading what I could for various projects I needed to work on over a long course of time.

I live and work in a third world country. I can’t afford to maintain a subscription. I have slow internet.

I put a whole lot of things downloading for a project that I wanted to do. I assumed that it had all downloaded correctly. Little did I know, majority of the video assets failed to download correctly without my browser informing me.

I decided to work on this project today thinking I had everything I needed.

I can’t access them to redownload them. Is there any way I can be granted access to the same videos I downloaded before only (for the same project I intended to use them for at the time I attempted to download them).

Unfortunately this is not possible.

As per T&Cs projects using elements files must be complete whilst still subscribed, and stockpiling is not allowed, which prevents the need/option to be able to retain downloads. https://elements.envato.com/license-terms

Ok, so understanding the terms and conditions, I resubbed. (Which I really shouldn’t be doing because my finances are terrible because of the pandemic). I then go and download the 11 short videos I need for my website and video ad that I need to do. One by one, I downloaded them and my browser said it was successful.

Every single video except 1 failed. Again. I am paying for this service again because it failed the first time. I’m now doing things by the book and it’s failed again.

Is there anything you can suggest?

The videos are all complete in terms of how much data has been downloaded. Some massive videos are close to 2gb, and yet it only has 1 - 4 frames in the whole video that get stuck for 24 seconds.

I don’t know anything about video, unfortunately - you can contact elements support Envato Elements Help and Support