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I’m looking for help on a HTML template i bought from this site, the property expert template, there is a submit property page with the template that I want to work, however the page is not hooked up and functional and I am looking for help with that, once the details are entered and submit property is pressed it should add a property to the properties page. The template is currently hosted on my test domain here:

any help would be appreciated.


I think this is a simple HTML template and logically it should not actually store data. If you want this to work properly for your site, you will have to get the back end functionality developed by someone so it can store and retrieve data in a database.
Let me know if got any further questions.


Would that be expensive? And secondly what about the search forms on the home page and properties page?


You need to make it dynamic and apply content management to have the ability to search listings and especially adding properties.

e.g. you need to have all the relevant property info submittable e.g. rooms, type, size etc. and as @g-l-dgroup mentioned you will need the necessary databases set up to store this, before configuring that back end data to appear correctly in a page template in the front end

It’s not an impossible job but it’s certainly not a quick or cheap thing to do.

You can look on for a freelancer to hire (check their creds and skillset as this is not a basic job) or quicker and cheaper might be to choose a WordPress theme instead of the HTML template which may have this type of content management included


yes definitely, for cheaper solution I recommend buying a ready theme for wordpress or drupal. Or may be ask someone to build you a custom theme based on this HTML that you already are using.


Are themes on wordpress highly customisable? And could I host that on a domain and host bought elsewhere?


Here’s a list of best Real Estate WordPress themes that is highly customisable ->


are these templates for use on or, slightly confused between the difference


ONLY on your own domain and hosting NOT

You install WordPress on your domain (download it from if need be) then add the theme