Bought RealtyState HTML5 template, need help to make if functional


I’ve purchased the RealtySpace HTML5 template, and now I need to turn it into a funcional website.

RealtySpace HTML5 Template:
RealtySpace documentation:

The template has many forms, such as:

  • Forms for the users to communicate with the website
  • Forms to perform search of real estate properties
  • Listing pages that should be the result of these actions (after someone performs a search, you get the search results page)
  • Forms to subscribe to newsletters, etc

But it does not come with any scripts to make it all work, in PHP or any other programming language.

The template publishers told me to buy their WordPress template, which I resist because I used WordPress in the past and remember well the frequent requests for updates due to security patches issues.

I need help identifying what technologies I would need to implement in order to complete the website to make it functional. I intend to get help from UpWork or other such freelancing platform, and it would be good if first I had the proper set of requirements to ask for.

Fundamentally I want to make the forms functional, especially its search mechanism and the contact forms. I’m hoping someone who also bought this template (or a similar one) can give me some ideas as to how to proceed.

Is PHP programming the only expertise I will need? Would Drupal make it easier? Can I rely on JavaScript only?

Thank you,

Converting it to Drupal is going to be very complicated and expensive.

Assuming you organise the properties etc and setup any necessary databases etc then PHP is probably a good choice.

You can easily go to to find vetted freelancers and just explain what you want to do. Bear in mind this is not a quick fix and going to cost considerably more than buying the WP version.

You can use cheap freelancer sites but you get what you pay for and given that this is not an especially simple task I would think that vetted freelancers would be a very sensible option

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Thank you @charlie4282 for your advice on getting freelancers’ help. I’m now considering giving WordPress a try. But I’ll keep your advice in mind should I regret it and decide to move back to a HTML+PHP solution.

Assuming the theme is constructed properly (worth checking different search routes BEFORE BUYING IT) then there should not be too many updates to worry about

Thanks for the heads-up. I’ll keep this in mind and will make sure I test all functionalities while I have full access to their demo.