I need help picking the right wordpress template.

I want to build a site for realtors to use for there source of media marketing. I am a photographer and videographer, most of my work come from real estate. the site I am wanting to design needs to have the ability for realtors to select schedules with multiple times and dates, location, price package, and if they need extras services outside the package they will be able choose to add them on, with immediate pricing (calculating). I want to be able to have video playing on several pages instead of static images. I am not looking for someone to pay to design the site I just need a mentor I can get advice from as I build the site.

try checking the real estate wp themes here -> https://goo.gl/gcm5wt

I started looking at them but I ma not sure what to look for in a template.

I also need to be able to sell services and allow realtors to schedule appointments.

just simply read their item descriptions

I do and there are so many thing I don’t quite understand. My biggest issue is finding a template that will have everything I need. I have found them with an e-commerce component I need but not sure if it has a ordering form that allows the client to schedule more then one date and time. That is why I am looking to get help from someone to kind of guide me in the right direction and suggest a template that would be the foundation to building the final layout.

No one is going to provide a professional consultation free of cost. Guiding you in building a website is just beyond a mere advice if you don’t know WordPress or WooCommerce basics in general.

And, a theme is a starting point of any web project which helps you get kickstarted and you are not going to get everything you need. That’s where customization comes in.

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Thank you but I did find a very nice person who Is will to help. Thank for
your time.

Closing thread. Thanks