Looking for a simple Wordpress template

Hey authors,
I’m not a tech savvy user when it comes to Wordpress or coding. I have bought a great template here but at the moment I won’t need it yet.

Here’s one that I’m looking to purchase, with following criteria :

  • A page for public user (anyone) to upload their listing. I will need fill in the blank type, drop down multiple choice type, mandatory and optional control.
  • A page for the same user to upload photos for their listing (continued from previous page)
  • The mentioned pages can be rearranged, or combined as one page
  • must be mobile optimised especially for uploading photos.
  • Ofcourse header, footer, and flexibility to customise additional elements would be great.

Some background - at the moment I’m building my site for strangers in my area to upload their real estate listing (for rent or sale) to my website for free.
Once uploaded it doesn’t need to show on the website as a listing. That won’t be needed. Once upload is successful it should directly goes into my mailbox or any places… I’m down for suggestion.

Any template you think might be suitable?

Thank you for your time and I hope you guys do great this year.