Quick question about sale arrival timings

Hey everybody!

So, recently (3 days ago to be precise) I received a comment and a review from a purchaser in one of my tracks. The thing is, that item hasn’t been sold for a loooong time so I’m wondering if whether it’s a client who bought the track more than 4 months ago and didn’t rate it till now or if there is a slight delay in the sale to be computed and I might come up with a nice surprise in these upcoming days. Hope this last one.

@KingDog, @BenLeong, do you guys have any idea if there could be a small lag in the sale to be shown in the earnings and sales count?

Thx! Have a good one! :slight_smile:

Hi WormwoodMusic!

I think the sales data should come through in real time, so it’s more likely that the rating is from a previous purchase - there shouldn’t be any delays in seeing new sales as that’s an automated process, while the ratings will depend on when people get around to doing them.

I tend to add my own purchase reviews in batches - there’s often a backlog, and I’ll try to get all the reviews finished if I sit down to write one of them. I’m guessing your mystery reviewer might be the same: either they’ve just used the item they bought a few months ago (finishing off the project etc), or they’ve caught up on a backlog of purchase ratings and reviews.


Hey @BenLeong! Yeah, did that myself too. Actually, I do have some purchases to review in queue! Hahah!

Thx for the swift reply! :slight_smile: