Questions about: exclusivity, categories of selling and abilities of selling

Hello !
I am new to Envato.

I am currently building a HTML/CSS toolkit and I plan to sell it on Envato
I already read the documentation about “Exclusivity policy” though I still have few questions regarding it:

1) Can I create landing pages that would not sell directly the item, but links to its envato page and advertise about it ?

2) Can I provide a free light version of the toolkit on my website ? I know this is possible for Wordpress themes, but is it also possible for other products ?

Another question regarding the categories:

3) Can I sell the same item in both ThemeForest and CodeCanyon ?
My item is not really a theme, but it still can be considered as a theme, and give interest to people looking for themes.
My item is going to be a development toolkit, that provide CSS and HTML code snippets, but it will also come with some “example pages” that could be considered then as “an HTML theme”

And finally another question about items:
My toolkit is going to have a “dynamic CSS customize panel”, those kind of panels where you click a color and see the CSS changes in live.

4) Is it possible to split my toolkit into several cheap small items (e.g. $4), but also sell a “big pack” including all those small themes ? (e.g. Get all the pack for $29, save 50%)

I would appreciate any help on those questions ^^ :sunglasses:
Thank you!

1 - I didn’t understand what you mean
2 - Free version of the item is not allowed in the marketplace. There’s a small line for the WordPress themes but it’s risky. You cannot offer any free service/products at Envato
3- Probably yes but no guarantee that it’d get approval at the two marketplace, you can try
4- I think it’s possible only at CodeCanyon. You cannot offer it at ThemeForest

Thanks for your answer ki-themes!

What I meant for 1:
Is it allowed to create advertising about my item on my own website ? And buy adverts (for example FB ads, or google adwords) to push to traffic to website ? knowing that I’m not going to sell the item on my website, but just put a link to envato page

About 2:
I would offer free item but not at Envato, on my own website. + a link on the free version "Do you want premium version? Buy it on Envato!"
Is it still not possible to do so ?

  1. Yes

  2. You should check with support but I think:

  • exclusive author - no
  • non exclusive - yes

Thanks for your answer Charlie!