can Themeforest authors sale HTML exclusively on themeforest and WordPress version on different platform?


would any one suggest like how it works if we upload/sale exclusively HTML version on themeforest and another version for example WordPress or openCart on different platform.


I think you can’t!
Check this article about themeforest Exclusive author exclusivity

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looks some confusion.

  • i am asking if i am selling html version of my item on Themeforest and can i sale the Opencart version on another platform? as both HTML and Opencart are totally different items.

appreciate your response.


No, you are not allowed to do that. Envato introduced some changes to the exclusivity license a couple of years ago. There is something known as a product family now.

Does exclusivity extend to related items?

Yes. If you choose to make an item available on an exclusive basis, then any items you create in the same Product Family must also be sold/distributed exclusively on Envato. A Product Family is two or more items that appear to customers to be related, usually through a branding or naming convention. These relationships include, but are not limited to:

  1. Multiplatform Ports: Items that have been ported to work on other platforms or with other software/technologies. Example: MyTheme for WP, MyTheme for Magento, MyTheme for Drupal, etc; or MyTemplate for After Effects and MyTemplate for Apple Motion.


I have a related question and would appreciate if you can help to clarify that as well.

Lets say I release a main script (lets call it Script X). Script X is available exclusive on CodeCanyon for anyone to purchase. Script X also has a module (plugin) system where anyone can create modules for that script. Now, those modules also comes under Product Family?

Its like WordPress and Plugins. If WordPress was available only on CodeCanyon, can any Plugins of WordPress should only exist on CodeCanyon?

support will decide

@unlockdesign does elite or power elite gets allow to publish on different platform in exclusive program ?

yes at envato market exclusive author can published!

just to let you know that exclusive rules are same for all envato market exclusive authors and not different for elit authors. different platform If you mean different marketplace then as an exclusive author no one can publish their Envato market item or Product Family into another marketplace except envato market.

support will decide

please get in touch with envato support only they can assist you in this concern. In forum we are not able to assist in this concern and also not permitted any copyright or privacy discussion here. Thanks

Can you tell me about that item or author
Name only?

support will decide