Question: Podcast Music Intro (Music Standard vs. Mass Reproduction)

The language in these license agreements is extremely unclear concerning podcasts. I want to make sure I’ve got this straight.
I’m using one of the Audio logos for the Intro and Outro of a podcast. That’s one license purchase, I believe.

Music Standard License:
-One Year
-(and/or) 52 Episodes
-Limited to 10,000 downloads

Music Mass Reproduction License:
-Unlimited Episodes(?)
-Unlimited Downloads

Does that look right?
So if I have a Standard License and end up with only 30 podcast episodes, but get over 10,000 downloads of those episodes, I would then need to upgrade to the Mass Reproduction license, correct?
Here’s what I’m really unclear on: does each episode count as its own End Product (meaning I’d have to purchase one license per episode)? Or is the podcast as a whole, including sequential episodes, counted as one End Product?


It seems you pretty much got it right!

All licenses on AJ are good for one end-product. The end product would be a single episode.

The series policy allows you indeed to use a single license for up to 52 episodes (or a year, whichever comes first).

If you get more than 10,000 downloads then you would have to upgrade your license for a Mass Reproduction license (best to contact support for this).

Does the 52 episode limit still apply to the Mass Media Reproduction license?

Thank you so much for your response! I feel much better about all this already.

The extension of coverage to up to 52 episodes provided by the series policy is uncorrelated to the type of license bought. So you can indeed invoke this policy with a Mass Reproduction License.

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Iiiiiinteresting. Okay, copy that; the Music Mass Reproduction license would have to be repurchased after 52 episodes, regardless of timespan or number of downloads.


Not sure I got that, but the episodes have to be released within one year of the first installment.

So both licenses are only good for one year? Why is the word “ongoing” in the agreement for the Music Mass reproduction license?

The licenses have no time restriction, they remain valid forever. It’s the series policy that has a one year validity period. Meaning, if you want to publish episodes of the series for which you have a license, more than a year after the first episode was published, you’ll need a new license.

Ah, okay. So I’d have to get a new license for episode 53 and/or the episode which is published after the first year?

That’s exactly right.

Okay, cool.
Thank you for your patience and clarification! You’ve been extremely helpful.

Cheers, glad I could help!