Question on plug-in and wordpress theme

Hi i’m new here
I bought a wordpress theme from envatoMarket. Once i downloaded it and loaded it to my wordpress setup page i had some issues.
It seems that the theme needs like 10 plugins but it can’t install 5 of them.
3 of these are required, but i saw on their website that i have to pay again to have them.
Is it correct? Do i have to pay again, once for the theme and then for the plugins?

thank you all for attention

Hi @giacomoins,

No, you don’t need tp pay again if you already purchased the theme.
Theme bundle plugins should come with the theme but in most cases theme bundle plugins install required theme license registration. After install and active theme theme should recommend you to install necessary plugins. you should click and follow the instructions to install those plugins.

Please check theme documentation you will get more help there.

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