Question about WordPress web design using a WordPress Theme and a WooCommerce StoreFront theme

I have a WooCommerce store using the StoreFront theme by WooCommerce. The store works just fine. Recently, a competitor opened a store and their URL is similar to mine. So, what I want to do is make an INTRO page, where it shows my company logo and our photo associated with the store. I was thikning of installing Revolution Slider 5.0 as the theme for my WordPress domain. Can I do that and have it gp tp StpreFrpmt wjhen a ciustomer clicks the ENTER button? My HOME page and SHOP page in StoreFront are basically the same, so I could have the botton point to the SHOP page so there’s no conflicts. I have been under the impression that you can only have one theme, so I’m not sure if I can have both Revolution Slider AND StoreFront. My apologies in advance for posting such a newbie question.

You shouldn’t have any issue using the Revolution Slider plugin with your Storefront Theme (there aren’t any conflicts that I know of).

As for a main landing page for your customers, just install a free shortcodes or page builder plugin (maybe Elementor) - something that has a button module. Then create a new page and add any important info you want on your new home/landing page - and into section, your logo and a button to enter your site. When you’re done save your page, then go to Settings > Reading in your WordPress dashboard and click the option for “Your Homepage display: Static page” and select the new page you just created then save.

You may also want to go to Appearance > Menus to add your new page as “Home” to your main menu, then double check that you still have links to your “Shop” or “Store” and you should be good to go.

Hopefully that made sense :slight_smile: Best of luck with your online store!

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