Revolution slider is missing

I am helping out with a website where I work and I admittedly have limited html knowledge (mostly old school). I have worked with some themes and done some work with X Theme but am not very knowledgeable.

The site was built by a previous employee that we cannot get in touch with and when we (the company) went ahead and purchased XTheme themselves and validated it, a portion of the home page is missing. Someone from the Theme Forest support team told me that the Revolution slider needs to be activated and when I tried to do that it seems it simply is not there.

I work from Wordpress, is it possible to get the Revolution slider to upload to Wordpress?

I did download the Wordpress files but the .php file does not work as a plugin upload.

Please help!


It is always best and should to purchase any item from your own account on envato market. Because item support and future update only for the original purchaser account.

You can give a try in this way:

If the theme license has registered for your website mean theme license activated then I hope you can manage the slider plugin from your wordpress Dashboard.

Otherwise You can contact (from the original purchaser account) Support for X | The Theme and let them know. Theme Author will be happy to assist you.