Wordpress template used to create Dreamrandom.com

hi there

i am after any help that will allow me to buy or create the template used in making this site DreamRandom
can anyone help me please? even the splash page where a choice of Communications or Marketing is available. How was this done? was it done using the Slider Revolution 5.2.6? if so has anyone got any examples o know how to utilise Slider Revolution in this manner?

It looks like a custom theme but you could get pretty close with any of the multi purpose themes (and some styling obviously).

The splash page would need to be custom created but it’s not complicated

Hey Pembs,

Happy to help you if you need help, just poke me and I will drop a hand of help for you :slight_smile:

Hey there! There are a few authors over on Envato Studio that offer custom services. Maybe they can assist you in building this! Give it a shot! :slight_smile:

Yes i think that it is true. Can you point me in the right direction as to which themes are the closest to it. my client wants a site as close to this as possible but i have not been able to locate a premium theme that has this sort of functionality. I have looked at Bonfire and Slider Revolution as the go to sliders that can handle this sort of splash page. the split splash is something i would like to know more about though.

any authors that come close to this sort of theme?

There is nothing that combines everything, as the menu has a certain style, the front page uses a lot of JavaScript, which is complicated for authors to get approved or provider support / assistance and there are more details that drive ppl away from such themes.

In terms of themes you would need to have a design in mind then just go through the big ones.

Personally I’m a huge fan of certain authors and themes (have a look at Tom Rhodes and Foundry theme or one of his other files) and anyone with visual composer is going to be able to give you a good headstart - again you will of course need to style the CSS etc to look right.

Depending on the little bits and pieces of functionality you may be able to save time by using specific themes.

The splash page is not a slider but again any half decent developer could create that for you.

You can also look on www.studio.envato.com for vetted freelancers to help you out

Hi there. I would dearly like to create this myself. I am a developer but i do not know a great deal of the tricks that are out there and this dreamrandom site certainly has its fair share. I understand a premium theme is used but something like the front page as you first click onto the site is something i would like to know more about. You say its not a slider. how would i go about creating something like that? what direction do i need to look in so i can know more? i have time on my hands and learning this would be wonderful for me in taking my biz forward

if the front page is not a slider but instead it’s been developed with visual composer then it is for sure something i can learn. The user can choose Digital Marketing or Communications. and the images there react to the mouse. I would like to know how to do something like that. its a neat trick. All help is much appreciated

In my humble opinion if you’re a developer why don’t you purchase a theme you like and slowly modify the things you don’t like to suit your needs. It should save you time and also get you most of the product done already. Cheers! :slight_smile:

i hear you very well. that is my aim. i am not just out to look for the right theme i also want to add my own style elements to it as well. knowing how the split homepage works i think would be good for me in going forward. i do not believe that a theme only can answer that. if its a case of using visual composer then i can certainly work with it and see what i can find.

any advice is greatly appreciated

i’d really appreciate that. just a few helpful hints to get me going is very gracious of you

Hey Prembs,

I can guide you if needed, with a specific theme and some details, I do not mind.
Email me basiliskan@gmail.com and I will give you some ideas / guides.

I bought a theme for a client, sadly the theme does not have the split screen although the theme caters to my clients needs. Is there anyone here that can help me with the split screen? i would rather not get a developer to do it because i need to know how to maintain and change at the will of the client. Even if there is a tutorial on how to accomplish this i would be very grateful. let me stress that my client does not have the budget to hire another developer which is why its fallen on me to understand the know how.

would very much like some help on this please

many thanks in advanced