WooCommerce theme with 2 main options on the home page

Does anyone know of any Woocommerce themes or has one in a way that has 2 product options on the very first page of the shop.

For example, it is a “one product” shop, but in 2 different colors and the first thing a person would see is a landing page split in half where on the left they can click to open up a product page for said product in one color and the other side is the same thing for a different color?

Basically a 2-column landing page that goes into a product page.

You will need custom work.

I assume Elementor and such are capable of doing what I want? More asking if there are already made themes like that or themes that have such an option.

If you look deep, there’s always a chance that you may find “Elementor Template KIT” but you gotta be lucky on this case.