Question about: WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - Wordpress Plugin


I’m looking for Amazon affiliate store, and I found this product called:
WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates - Wordpress Plugin

my question if anyone tried it before and had a good experience with this product?

  1. do they provide complete training how to install, customize and setup the store?
  2. this plugin is possible to be installed on multiple websites?
  3. the price of sale is $42, is this a one time purchase? or monthly/yearly?
  4. support tickets answered fast, quick replies to help,
  5. Any guaranteed quality for this?
  6. do they provide 30 days money back guarantee policy?

I still completely newbie with this, but very much interested to start,
if there is an effective feedback and support provide along with complete training and solution, I will purchase it immediately,

I want to ask this question too.

  1. No - but you could hire freelancers to help

  2. Only if you buy a new license/copy for each website you want to install it on

  3. One off payment

  4. Within a reasonable time but there is no “Guaranteed” timeframe (they estimate up to 10 working days)

  5. Envato check items before they are released to ensure quality.

Inevitably on occasions files don’t work out, and assuming this is within the first 6 months, and the issue is genuinely with the script/plugin and not a result of customisation or knowledge level then you may be entitled to a refund

  1. No. Some authors try to suggest that they will do this but it is in breach of envato terms for them to offer it