Need An Wordpress Compatible Theme/Plug-In For Affiliate Store


I need a powerful Wordpress compatible theme or plug-in that I can import products from multiple affiliate vendors on the ‘Affiliate Window’ network. Does anyone have any suggestions of a product which can do this on Envato please?? I used to use Datafeedr back in the day but I don’t think its supported the same anymore and looks out of date. I love the functionality of the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates Plug-In but think this is limited to Amazon only?!, so something like that ideally!

Thanks very much for your help,

So you basically want to be able to pull products data from different websites? Can you mention which websites specifically?

Yes, basically exactly the same as the WooCommerce Amazon Affiliates plug-in does, so with capability to have an active blog, do reviews potentially but with a shop like interface so it could be a specific niche.

I don’t have 1 specific site I want to be able to do this with atm but I have an account with Affiliate Window which has many different sectors and merchants, so the idea would be to have the capability to populate products from the merchants websites once I’m joined on their affiliate program.

The WooCommerce Amazon Plug-In in great but I believe this is for Amazon associate users only via the Amazon platform… I want to spread across other networks, so I’m not limited to everything with Amazon.

Hope that makes sense!

Thanks for your time,