Question About SWIFT Code

Hola awesome authors!

I’m trying to use the SWIFT payment method here and apparently, the branch I have an account at doesn’t have a SWIFT code – only a couple main branches in our city have one.

I checked online and apparently it’s common for only the main branch to have a SWIFT code and it’s safe to use that. Where do I mention the branch code then?

Can y’all share how you’ve been dealing with the situation? First time trying an alternate payment mode to move away from Paypal and it’s not going great…

Check it with your bank ( online ) You will be able to find some details.
By the way, weren’t you reviewer at TF few years back?

Oh yes I was. I’m a Specialist with Envato now, thus the Envato logo in my avatar!

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Hello @Siddharth

You can try payoneer :slight_smile:

Their currency exchange rates seem to be rather abysmal though which is why I’m trying a bank transfer.