paypal or swift? for a company

until now i’ve been using paypal for withdraw the fonds, but recently i’ve made a small firm and i don’t know if i should switch to swift or stick with the paypal? any ideas, pros and cons?


I’m using paypal, no fees from Envato income.
Only cons is slightly worse currency conversion rate. But every bank has own fee for currency conversion too.
I can’t use SWIFT, because my bank doesn’t accept income in another currency :-/

so it’s ok to use paypal for company also…

sure, why not? :slight_smile:

I would strongly suggest PayPal.

I would recommend Payoneer.

If you are having PayPal account for individuals then you should covert it to business account or create a new account in name of your business and connect your business bank account to it so that you can withdraw your income as income from your newly started business.

I think that’s what i’m going to do :slight_smile:
thanks a lot guys