Question About Review!

Hi! We just wanted to make a quick question for anyone that uploads themes in Themeforest.
One of the soft rejection reason was that “Please make sure all default Theme Unit Test content is styled and formatted properly.” is this required even if we don’t mark the theme as Gutenberg ready?

We’re only asking because the WordPress Unit Test data shows 49 posts and each one might have tons of blocks inside, which is an incredible amount of things to style! Is this standard procedure every time we upload a theme?

We’d appreciate any help you can give us as this is our first WP theme.

Thanks a lot!!

(we’re @ some of you to see if you can point us in the right direction)
@steve_lam @Enabled @charlie4282 @hevada

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@mgscoder or @LSVRthemes might know this

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I’d love to help you mate, but I’m a front end guy! Unless @mgscoder or @LSVRthemes have an idea, I’d recommend however Envato Authors Help and Support - the Author Team is really, really fast to help with these things!

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Yeah, to tell you the truth, we thought about sending a ticket but we know they are a little busy so we tried here first to see if anyone had any info about this.

Thanks anyway! :smiley:

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You should at least make sure that non-gutenberg content is styled properly and then mention in the comment for reviewer that your theme is not supporting Gutenberg.

However, I would highly suggest to go the extra mile and optimize if even for Gutenberg blocks. As a developer, I understand developers are not willing to put that extra work if they already optimized their theme for a 3rd party page builder, but this is extremely short sighted approach IMHO. More and more people will expect a theme to support Gutenberg in the future. You can of course add this support later in an update if you won’t be satisfied with your initial sales.

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Thanks! Yes, we plan to make it Gutenberg optimized, but we didn’t know if that was a requirement reason to soft reject the theme.