We want to create a new Block Unit Test for authors and reviewers

Hi there,

Since we’ve started our journey as authors at ThemeForest, we met some requirements for WordPress themes to be Gutenberg optimized. And the weirdest thing was to use Block Unit Test plugin to check if backend and frontend match similar stylings. With all respect to Rich Tabor, but this plugin is too old, has some bugs and doesn’t cover many blocks. It has also an advertisement about CoBlocks :smile:

What we offer is to create a brand new plugin that will cover all blocks and keep it up to date. It will help not only reviewers to check all stylings faster, but also it will be very helpful for theme authors.

We submitted request to author help center, we received the answer to wait, but it passed more than one month and no any updates.
How can we reach envato team?
Thanks for your attention!

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I guess you don’t need permission from Envato to write such a plugin for yourself or for all authors. Create a plugin and publish it on WordPress.org or on the Envato forum. It will be easier for you to attract attention when you already have a ready to use plugin.

We thought about it,
But there is a dilemma - If there is no any chance for the plugin to be used in review nobody will use it. Don’t you agree with that?

If the plugin is better than the existing one, the community will find out about it and the author will use the plugin. Everyone is looking for the best tool to test a theme before a review.
I’m not familiar with the Gutenberg block testing plugin you’re talking about, but I have used the Envato Theme Check plugin many times. If, for example, you would make Super Envato Theme Check, which would include everything, that is, in a regular plugin +additional tests +best practice tests +you will update it, then I would use your plugin instead of the Envato plugin.
So it seems that your goal should be to create a better tool than the existing one.

If you don’t use Gutenberg it will be hard to understand what I mean. For example, you want to approve a theme and a reviewer gives you comments to change this and that. And in the comments are clear words that you should use Block Unit Test by Rich Tabor and screenshots of this plugin’s page sections.
And if you’re an author you won’t use another plugin for checking. Just imagine the same situation with Theme Unit Test, if you will create a new Theme Unit Test that is 100% better than the original, will authors use it?
Did you get the point?

Anyway I’m here not to argue, I’m here to have an answer that the Envato team will give us a chance and they will check our work and we can start to develop the plugin.