Reviewers getting the errors that we don't

Hi everybody,

We have a certain issue with our reviewing process and and could use a little of your help.

Our theme is soft rejected because it shows only two posts in the blog list (although it should show 10) after the theme-unit-test-data.xml is imported. Reviewer sent us a screenshot as a proof. Strange thing is that we are using the same data on our tests and this kind of bug never occurred - in any of the browsers, on any device that we tested.

Does anyone has ANY ides what may provoke this kind of behavior?

We are using the theme check plugin, wp debug is turned on all the time, theme-unit-test-data.xml is imported and everything works fine on our end. All the posts are loading as they should and no error notice appears.

So, we wonder if any of you had a similar issue and how did you solve it?


You’re probably missing something. Would you mind to share the reason why it’s rejected?