Question about category «Popular files»

Question about getting in category «Popular files»

As in this Market i work not first month, have many items on audiojungle and because of that know which works will work better. But question about getting «popular files» remains open for me.

So the question «What do i need to do in order to get in popular files, besides that: i need to write quality items, i need to work and hope that appear item that get in popular files, to get trend for more sales and because of that to get in popular files ??"

Thanks in advance for your questions and good luck with sales.

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It’s a matter of luck.

Luck may well play a part but you’ve also got to produce a track that has very strong commercial appeal on AudioJungle. Otherwise you will have no chance of getting lucky! :blush:

You have to get lucky. You can also pray for that :innocent:

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