Quality of Audio Track

The quality of the download preview of an audio track I am interested in is not good at all. If I purchase the audio license will the quality of the download improve at that point?


The preview file should be a 320 kbps mp3 file. So no, you shouldn’t expect to get better sound quality when you buy. Is there a difference in quality in the downloaded file and the preview you listened to on the Audiojungle site?

Is that so? As far as I know the preview file can be of any bit rate. If the poster downloaded the preview of the file uploaded 2, 3 years ago or older, it should be 128 kbps (128 standart was mandatory for preview those times if I remember correctly). In this case customer may expect the higher quality of purchased files (In terms of render, of course).

So it’s needed to look at that exact specific case.


Isn’t 320 required now? But yes, you’re right. If the item is older then the quality might be lower in the preview. But it should still match what you hear on the site, right?

Right, it should. It’s the same preview file by stream.

I do not see the requirements for preview bit rate in the uploading guidelines.

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It is mentioned that all mp3 main files must have a bit rate of 320kbps, but its not mentioned specific for the preview.

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Also quality can be a bit better if there is a WAV version of a track in a zip-folder.