Requirements for the loaded track

To my regret, something went wrong and I received this item.
I want to understand - where to find the requirements for downloadable material? Should I make a watermark, at what intervals,
I sent mp3 320 and Wav 44.1-16, maybe something else is needed?
I would appreciate answers)) Or just a link to the description of the basic requirements for
P.S sorry translator for his English)))

Audio files longer than 2 seconds must overlay the AudioJungle watermark on the preview file
Download the watermark, overlay it with your track (all versions should be in one file)

More Info Here

Thanks for the answer, should I download a watermark or just make my own?
And second, is the preview file I’m doing in 128 format?
If so, then it turns out I am sending an archive in which three files (music wav, mp3 320 and mp 3 - 128)?
Once again - thanks for the clarification))

In zip archive track without watermark (wav, mp3), and preview file with a watermark (mp3)(separate from zip archive).

Download the watermark from this link, all MP3 should be 320 kbps

Thanks you ))
I will try to correct the situation))) Good luck !!!