Quality Standard: mp3 vs wav

When you create your AJ preview, do you just layer the watermark on top of your master and export it to an mp3? I’m curious if the quality standard decision is based off the watermarked track or the full wave track.
I’m also hoping for an opinion regarding rejections: Does “This item does not meet the general commercial quality standard required to be accepted” pertain exclusively to technical issues (Loudness, mix and mastering quality), as opposed to the reviewers opinion for commercial viability (i.e., the hook is not interesting, melody is repetitive, the piano doesn’t sound real, etc.) … it seems like a quality issue shouldn’t be hard-rejected if the only reason was a mixing issue. Just wanted to get some thoughts. Thank You!

I would guess that it is based off the high-quality files but I don’t know that for sure.

Either way the difference between a hard-reject and an approval isn’t going to come down to such a tiny difference in audio quality.

Simple fact is with 700.000+ tracks and hundreds or thousands more being submitted every day, trying to understand rejects/soft-rejects/approvals is kinda pointless. AJ isn’t in the business of providing you with feedback unfortunately. Upload and carry on is all you can really do.

Thanks Robert!