Put envato profile logo and youtube channel tutorial link in Extension UI

Hi !
I am trying to make my first after effect extension and put it on Envato market.
I was reading this article Most-Common-Item-Rejection-Reasons to make my product safe from any rejection

then I saw this :

Not include your logo, URL, or watermark (you may include information about your services in an attached help text file)

Imagine my extension’s UI structure as something like this :

I was wondering if this UI will be rejected from envato be cause of inserting my logo and youtube channel link or not ?

By the way I saw good extensions and products like “MoPack” that have their Logo and youtube channels inside the app too

any one have any similar experience ?

hello, many extensions use their own logo. I don’t think it will be a problem in terms of using your own logo. For the Youtube channel, I saw those who added their own site links. So I think it shouldn’t be a problem in youtube. However, there will be a few different problems, can we talk privately?


Yeah ofcourse!