Purchased theme for Intranet and the PHP is outdated what to do?

In December 2022, I purchased a theme for an Intranet, and the PHP is outdated. I submitted a support ticket some time ago, and feel like the person that responded was unsympathetic to our needs as a hospital. I need to get this project going. Is there a great Intranet Theme for a hospital that is supported by PHP 8.2.5?

The “templates” are templates, at some point you may need to customize it by yourself.
In addition, you may need to search it manually but data management could be also problem even if you find one ( You need to transfer everything from current one to new one )

If you’re willing to pay some extra and if you don’t want to wait ( in case there may be an update ), I’m available to upgrade your current system for PHP8+. Let me know if you’re interested in

Thank you for responding. We are currently on Drupal 7. (Note I know it is at the end of life, and I inherited it.) We are rebuilding in WordPress, and I purchased an Envato theme to start the rebuild. Unfortunately, it is not current, and my IT department notified me that I should find a theme compatible with PHP 8.2.5, which isn’t easy to tell when trying to purchase a theme. I’m hoping to find an Intranet theme cognizant of keeping current. As a rural hospital, we are very cost-conscious.

For what it’s worth all themes usually list the PHP version in the item details and changelog or else best option is to use item comments to ask authors.

There are not a huge volume of intranet themes (it’s not really what WordPress is typically used for) and it may be worth either looking at a popular and up to date theme and a purpose built plugin to handle the intranet side of things, or as @ki-themes suggested - looking at a freelancer to put things in a good shape.

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Thank you for taking the time to respond. I am new to purchasing themes as a freelancer was the one that picked out the original theme, and he was unaware of the requirements needed for the PHP and didn’t know where to look. I found it with your suggestion. Thank you again!