Roisin Theme Already Outdated

Hi there
I am having to move my website to a new host, and I have run into problems, there are critical errors because I need to update the php to a higher version, and it seems the error is with my Roisin Theme which is only 3 years old, and it appears its not been updated since Sept 2021. What can I do? 3 years old isnt old for a website. And I see its still being sold.

Your options are:

  • Try to downgrade the PHP on the new hosting.
  • Find freelancer to get the theme update ( I’m available if you’re interested in )
  • Find a new theme and update your website.

Thanks for your reply. the issue was with updating the php it put it into critical error. there is no update for the theme, which is why I wrote here, the last update was 2021. I found a guy though after I wrote this who sorted out the errors and wrote some code to update the theme so it could allow the updated php to 8.2. I dont get why the theme is still being sold when there is no support for the theme.

You’re probably missing something with the website but if the author looks like still active on the comments section, you may request an update from the author or extend your support period and request some help with PHP issue

The item has been marked compatible with WordPress 6.x, you may have some issues on your server.

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Im moving hosts so hopefully that helps.

Where might I find the author, you mean if they comment here?

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