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Hello. I downloaded a product from envatoelements and the theme installation asks for a purchase code. I contacted the support team, but no response has been received yet. what can i do about it?

Hi edcaweb,

Elements does not need purchase codes. You can just ignore any message to enter a code. If the item will not work without a code, please let our support team know and they will contact the author -

Elements Help Ticket


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thank you. I contacted the support team before opening the form. I’ll wait for the best reply

Hello. I haven’t received any response since yesterday. what should I do?

The item should be fine to work without needing a p/code - you just will not be able to activate it and get things like auto updates or additional features.

Does it definitely not work at all if you ignore any activation request?

Otherwise, unfortunately only support can look into it further which can take a few days

yes, I can’t install the theme without the purchase code. I wrote to the support team yesterday. I still have to wait for a few days, thank you.

What theme is it?